3 Things That Happen During Furnace Installation

3 Things That Happen During Furnace Installation

Once you buy a furnace, it will last you a long time. But one day, time is sure to run out, and the next thing you know is you’re on the lookout for a new furnace. It might happen that because such a long time has passed since you bought your previous furnace, you have forgotten all about the arduous process.

Don’t worry about it. We’ve got you covered! Here are 3 things that happen during furnace installation:

Removing the Previous Furnace

The longest part of the installation process doesn’t even involve the new furnace. It takes a lot of time, effort, and patience on the installer’s part. Firstly, the gas supply and current will be switched off. Then, anything and everything that’s physically tied to the main unit will be disconnected. This includes venting, electrical wiring, ductwork, and gas lines. 

This step also involves a lot of cleaning. The area underneath the older, now discarded furnace will need to be attended to. No matter how well kept your house and HVAC units are, there’s always dust underneath its surface that remains unkempt. This area only gets cleaned once a decade, so do it carefully. 

Reconnecting the Wires

Installation doesn’t just consist of installing the primary furnace unit. It also includes preparing things like plenums, ductwork, gas lines, and wiring, as mentioned in the previous section. When these new units come in, it needs to be ensured that they are structured to guarantee they flow together. 

Once the new furnace is in place, the process of reconnecting the unit begins. Electrical and fuel lines are reconnected. With time, technology advances, and the newer furnace models may no longer use the same wires and technology. The installers will have kept this in mind and brought remedial tools to ensure successful installation. For the best services, opt for 303 Services. They do furnace installation Thornton CO and furnace repair Thornton CO. 

This step may feel like the last step, but it is not.


You never buy a car before a test drive, do you? It’s necessary to check whether a product is working how you want it to before committing to it. It’s the same logic with furnaces or any other HVAC product for that matter. Test your furnace through 303 Heat, which is offering furnace installation in Thornton, CO.

This is done to ensure there are no safety hazards and no miscalculations while assembling the unit. The furnace is turned on to ensure the smooth flow of air. The airflow and intake are checked to make sure that the furnace is operating properly.

If your HVAC installer fails to follow through with even one of these steps efficiently, they are doing you a disservice, and you deserve better service than this. So, instead of just settling for the first HVAC service that shows up on Google, choose the reputable service instead.

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