4 Things You Should Know About Your HVAC System

4 Things You Should Know About Your HVAC System

Most homeowners do not understand the significance of their heating and cooling systems until they break or get so old that they are no longer worth fixing. In fact, according to the latest survey of the United States homeowners, 59 percent of those who purchased new HVAC systems in the last two years did so due to the inability of their device or the expensive repairs necessary to keep it running. 

Therefore, it is essential to schedule routine maintenance of your furnace and air conditioner Thornton to ensure that you never face any sudden breakdown of your HVAC system. 

Important Points to Know About Your HVAC System

Here are the four most important things about your heating and cooling device. 

Your HVAC System is a “MAJOR DEAL.”

Homeowners often concentrate on physical improvements of their home, such as fancy worktops and wooden floors. However, it is equally important to focus on the heating and cooling system. 

In addition, according to the United States Department of Energy, your home’s heating and cooling systems account for 40% of your total yearly electricity prices, which is higher than water heating (13%) and lighting (9 percent).

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Don’t Put Off Replacing Your Old System For Too Long

In the United States, the average lifespan of an HVAC system is 12 to 13 years. However, it is usually not about the age of your heating and cooling system but about the amount of time it has been running. In the scenario of HVAC, how much you run it defines how long it will be working. 

For instance, in some places in the United States, the expected life is 14 years old, where the combination of extended running times in the springtime and rising adoption of heat pumps in the winter takes its toll on system life.

It all Comes Down to Your HVAC Contractor

Once you choose a contractor for your heating and cooling services, it is better to have a detailed conversation with the professional to ensure they can solve all your diverse HVAC problems. Choosing the correct professionals for your device can help you remain relaxed and there will always be someone to solve your HVAC issues. 

Prepare Ahead of Time

According to a study, the average residual value for an HVAC system is around $8,400. However, it can span from less than $5,000 to more than $20,000, depending on the size of your system and whether it’s a potential substitute (e.g., outdoor air conditioner in Thornton only) or a complete system replacement that contains both AC and furnace, as well as upgrading to higher utilization. 

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