6 Common Air Conditioner Smells and How to Remedy Them

6 Common Air Conditioner Smells and How to Remedy Them

Many houses install air conditioners to keep the temperature low inside the house. When you buy an AC and take care of the electronic device, it is expected that it will work properly. But, if you hear noises and a pungent odor comes out with the airflow, then there is an issue with the device. 

If you can’t find the cause of the problem, then take help from AC services in Thornton, CO, which offers professional services to repair the AC. Understand 6 air conditioner smells and the ways to solve them: 

Air Conditioner Exerting Gaseous Smell

If the air from the AC smells like rotten eggs, then the problem might not be with the air conditioner. There might be natural gas present inside of your house due to leakage.


  • Open all the windows and doors.
  • Turn the gas supply off.
  • As you detect the problem, get out of the house and contact a gas repair service. 

The Air Smells Like Chemicals

If you smell any chemicals in the air, the smell could be of paint thinner or a sweet scent. In that case, the copper coils present in the air conditioner fail in heat transfer. Other reasons for the smell could be ice formation on the evaporator coil.


  • If you ever notice this problem, you can help from the AC service in Thornton, CO services. Here, the experts could help you detect the leakage and repair the AC at their earliest. 

Vinegar Like Smell From Air Conditioner

This happens due to issues in the AC, such as the high rate of condensation and the blockage in the drainage line.


  • You need to inspect the filter and if you can’t see the light on the other end of the filter through it, then take help from AC replacement in Thornton, CO, services to replace the filter. 

Cat Pee Like Smell Coming Out of AC

Ammonia-containing smell may come out of the air conditioner duct if mold forms in that and produces mycotoxins.


  • The AC duct needs to be cleaned, and the servicing agent should remove the mycotoxins to prevent any issues.

The Air Conditioner Smells Musty

If the evaporator coil gets dirty due to mold formation, the cool air might smell like dirty socks.


  • Keep the evaporator coil clean and drain the water properly. Otherwise, call the AC services in Thornton, CO, and take expert guidance. 

Plastic Burning Like Smell Coming Out of the AC

Two of the most common causes of this problem are bad motor conditions and broken capacitors caused by overheated motors.


  • If you can smell burning plastic, switch it off and contact an electrician to find issues that might be causing the problem.


The service offered by AC replacement in Thornton, CO, is affordable and would fit your budget anytime. If you feel that the AC needs to be replaced, call the air conditioning service near you or contact us, at 303HEAT.com, at (720) 465-6699. You can write to us an email at [email protected] to find a solution.