8 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

8 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

It’s difficult to stay comfortable in the summer without an air conditioner. Your air conditioner may stop working due to being overworked and under-serviced. Problems with the HVAC need to be fixed quickly to keep the house comfortable.

There are a few clear signs that an AC is about to break down. If you want your air conditioning to work well and not break down all of a sudden, it’s best to look for signs of trouble and fix them by HVAC repair Thornton CO.

The Top Eight Air Conditioning Issues

The following are some of the most common problems with AC that can be fixed or avoided in just a few minutes by taking the right steps:

Thermostat Malfunction

Old dial-type thermostats could be poorly calibrated, meaning your air conditioner isn’t getting the right instructions from the control system. Replacing or recalibrating thermostats fixes this problem. New programmable thermostats can be difficult to set properly.

A clogged Air Filter

When the AC unit is used, the filters remove dust and hazardous microorganisms from the air. Clogged air filters strain the system. In the long term, the unit may overheat and overwork. To avoid this, replace your filters every three months.

Frozen Coil

A frozen coil could indicate a problem with the airflow, like a blockage in the return air ductwork or dirty air filters that slow down the airflow. Low refrigerant could also cause the coils inside to freeze.

Condenser Problem

In condensers, refrigerant is pressurized to heat liquid in HVAC systems. When the condenser malfunctions, you’ll notice when the indoor air temperature changes. It has many causes. You can check for a blown fuse or tripped a switch in the breaker box.

Insufficient Airflow

Most of the time, if your HVAC unit seems to be blowing less cool air than it did last year, it’s because the air filter has become dirty or clogged. To solve this issue, all you have to do is get a new filter.

Electrical Failure

Compressor and fan controls wear out when an enormous system switches on and off. Due to the corrosion of wires and terminals, AC service in Thornton, CO, should be hired to check electrical connections and contacts.

Refrigerant Leak

If your AC is low on refrigerant, it is undercharged or leaks. Adding refrigerant won’t fix a leak. A trained technician should fix leaks, test the repair, and charge the system with refrigerant. Leaking refrigerants can harm the environment.

Noisy Unit

If your AC sounds strained, it probably is. Failing air conditioners create noises that are hard to discern. Screeching suggests a defective belt. Fans, motors, or compressors may make rattling sounds.

Schedule Maintenance for your Unit

Many things can cause an AC unit to break, and fixing it can be expensive. Instead of trying to figure out how to fix your air conditioner’s complicated parts, have an AC replacement in Thornton,  to handle regular maintenance and repairs when common problems arise.

Cleaning the system of dirt and checking for damage or leaks in the refrigerant lines are tasks you should do every month to keep the system working well. Preventive air conditioning troubleshooting and proper residential air conditioning maintenance can help you achieve your goal of having air conditioning systems that work well and happy residents.

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