8 Signs That You Did Not Receive a Quality HVAC Installation

8 Signs That You Did Not Receive a Quality HVAC Installation

It is only reasonable to anticipate that your investment in a new air conditioner for your home will last you for a very long period of time and allow your HVAC unit to have fewer visits from AC repair in Thornton, CO. But, if you take care of your air conditioner’s maintenance and repair requirements, it should last you ten to fifteen years.

However, many people are unaware that an improper HVAC installation can negatively impact how it functions. Also, your air conditioner’s lifespan may be shortened by poor installation. Here, we have provided a few signs that you didn’t receive a proper HVAC installation.

Eight Signs That you did Not Receive a Quality HVAC Installation

Issue in Airflow

When changing the HVAC system, your ductwork needs to be updated. Most contractors lack the expertise necessary to comprehend the intricate structure of duct systems. This can be the result of the existing ducting being the wrong size.

Professionals are Not Trained

Fast repairs are temporary fixes that can cost more in the long run. HVAC contractors frequently hire poorly trained personnel. They can reduce costs by doing this. They might also make use of subpar tools. Ensure the technician who visits your home is qualified and certified.

Water Leakage

Water leaks from your air conditioner should never enter your home. Condensation happens due to your air conditioner’s cooling process and air distribution throughout the house. If water comes from your air conditioner into your home rather than draining outdoors, it may be a sign that the condensate drain is misaligned or not properly placed.

Below-Average Performance

If your air conditioner isn’t effectively cooling your house, there might be an issue with how it’s connected to the ducting by your AC repair professionals. This issue could potentially be caused by improper size or a thermostat that hasn’t been calibrated.

Ventilation of the HVAC System

The use of blower door testing to confirm air tightness and air sealing has tightened up modern dwellings. Every nook and cranny of the kitchen and bathroom should have spot ventilation. If your HVAC contractor has ignored the ventilation component of your system, it is not properly installed.

Improper Exhaust

Toxic gases from your furnace, such as carbon monoxide, must be evacuated outside the structure. Fumes may back up and gather in the air if the exhaust flue or damper is too small for your new equipment after the incorrect installation.

Incorrect Duct Installation

Even when contractors do take the time to install new ductwork, some use subpar materials and execute the job poorly. Ducts may be put together improperly, producing gaps and fissures. As a result of the lost heated and cooled air, your energy costs rise.

Electricity Issues

An electrical issue due to improper installation, given the risk potential, you should handle a problem like this immediately.

Why is Proper HVAC Installation Important?

Poor AC installation damages your investment and raises the amount of electricity it consumes, leading to frequent HVAC repair in Thornton, CO. Proper installation makes your HVAC unit work efficiently without any damage.

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