Causes of Insufficient Air Conditioning

Causes of Insufficient Air Conditioning

Suppose your system appears to be in good operating order (no leaks, noises, etc.) but cannot maintain the temperature set on the thermostat, particularly during the warmest part of the day. In that case, your unit may be undersized for your home. Perhaps you have expanded the house since it was built or removed trees that provided shade near the house. You may require a larger unit if there is a lot of demand on the unit and it can’t keep up. 

How Do We Increase the System’s Efficiency?

You can increase the effectiveness of your system by adding extra insulation – especially in the attic – and installing double or triple-pane windows with low E glass to help delay the need for a new system. AC service professionals in Thornton, CO, suggest that regular tune-ups in the spring and fall help preserve your system’s efficiency to run at its best.

Various Factors Can Drive Poor AC Airflow

Problems with Ductwork 

Your ducts distribute cold air throughout your home. Ductwork can develop minor fractures or holes over time, allowing cool air to escape. This can impact how much airflow is delivered throughout your home. An expert can inspect your ducts to see if there are any issues. In some cases, a complete duct cleaning can assist in resolving the problem.

Clogged Filters

The air filter in an air conditioner protects the interior of the evaporator cabinet from debris entering through the return vent. After a month, the impurities trapped inside the filter will cause the filter to get clogged, reducing airflow into the air conditioner. 

This will cause the air conditioner to struggle to remove enough heat from the air, reducing cooling capacity. To avoid this, make sure you change the filter at least once a month during the summer. 

Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant, a chemical blend that flows through the system and transports heat from the indoors to the outdoors, is the lifeblood of an air conditioner. As long as the air conditioner usually works, the refrigerant charge remains constant: refrigerant does not become used up during the cooling cycle. However, leaks can diminish the cost, and if this happens, the AC’s ability to absorb heat from the inside air would be compromised. 

Typical Wear and Tear

Your air conditioning unit’s everyday wear and tear might lead to poor airflow difficulties over time. Service by an expert can conduct an airflow measurement test to establish the severity of the problem and advise you on whether a simple repair or replacement is the best solution.

Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser coil is responsible for expelling excess heat from your area. Your air conditioner coils are continually exposed to the environment because they are a part of the exterior unit. Dirty coils cause the system to run slowly, so getting them cleaned once or twice a year is essential.

Don’t let air conditioning issues keep you from taking advantage of it. Make sure your air conditioner is serviced annually to function efficiently and meet the heavy demand of the summer heat. If you’re looking for AC repair in Thornton, CO, call at (720) 465-6699 or drop us a mail here.