Here’s Why Your Heater Isn’t Working Despite Thermostat Being On

Here’s Why Your Heater Isn’t Working Despite Thermostat Being On

A heater is supposed to bring a comfortable air of warmth in chilly cold winters. It feels like cuddling a heavy blanket. It makes you want to stay in bed forever. So, naturally, when it stops functioning adequately, it can be a bit frustrating.

It is always annoying when a device, especially an electronic device, stops working all of a sudden. Maybe there were warning signs that you turned a blind eye to. Or maybe it did genuinely happen out of nowhere. Whatever the reason or the rhyme may be, it’s frustrating nonetheless.

So here’s a list of well-thought-out reasons why this may be happening:

No Gas

Most households use heaters fueled by gas instead of electricity because gas is considerably cheaper. The central air system is powered through various power resources. Some use gas, some electricity and others use water. This can get confusing, and you may lose track of which HVAC unit is powered through what. 

You may run out of gas, and simultaneously, your heater would stop working, and yet you’d remain clueless. Sometimes people fail to put two and two together. So, instead of jumping straight to conclusions, think about this calmly and carefully. 

Dirty Air Filter

Complaining about your heater not working and never bothering to change your filters is like not brushing your teeth and then asking why your breath stinks. The answer lies in the question itself. Regularly changing your air filters is non-negotiable. 

The system isn’t equipped to function well if it isn’t maintained well. When a filter remains unkempt for too long, it restricts airflow. This forces your system to work harder than it needs to, causing your device to heat up. Excessive heat damages your heater, leading to its tragic and inevitable end.

Tripped Electrical Breakers

If you’ve been using more electricity than normal lately, the electrical breakers for your furnace may have tripped. When there is an excessive overload on your electric system, it panic shuts devices such as the heater, AC, and refrigerator that consume a higher amount of electricity. This is to prevent any damage to the circuit. Always check this before calling your HVAC provider, and for the best service, always choose 303 Heat. They provide heating repair Thornton CO and furnace service Thornton CO

Safety Feature

Additionally to the previous point, if the power of your heater trips frequently and without any reason, this is a different problem. It is most likely that there is something innately wrong with your heater. The safety feature in your heater might be getting activated because it is unable to carry the load. Only a licensed HVAC technician can confirm this suspicion. For quality service, you can trust 303 Heat with heating repair Thornton CO.

For you Canadians out there, who live in a land where winter seems endless, your heater to stop functioning seems horrifying. So be on the lookout for the signs mentioned above, but when all hell breaks loose, approach 303 Heat. They’re offering heating repair Thornton CO and furnace service Thornton CO. Good luck!