How Much Does an AC Installation Cost?

How Much Does an AC Installation Cost?

An air conditioner is a blessing in disguise, especially on scorching summer days. While some houses have an HVAC, a system installed that takes care of both cooling during summers and heating during winters, other houses have stand-alone air conditioning units for cooling.

Like all other devices, you should schedule AC maintenance from time to time. Your AC requires maintenance and servicing at regular intervals to run at its best efficiency. You can get the best services from the AC company in Thornton, CO.

Most air conditioning units last at least 10-15 years. Once an air conditioning unit has crossed its lifespan, it may stop functioning correctly, and even costly repairs do not help.

When the cost of repairs begins to skyrocket, it is wise to invest your money in an AC replacement.

Cost For Replacing an Air Conditioning Unit

Replacing your air conditioning unit must not be done in a hurry. There are plenty of things you must take into consideration while shopping for a new air conditioning system. When replacing an older unit, the first step you need to take is to uninstall and dispose of it properly. Next, you should get the electrical connections checked in your house before you install your new unit. Then comes the cost of the air conditioning unit and installation charges.

If you are planning to install a new air conditioning system, you should know about its costs. Here we have mentioned the approximate costs that you will incur while replacing your old air conditioning unit.

Standard Cost of Air Conditioning Unit Plus Additional Accessories 

Most new air conditioner units come with some hardware. This hardware includes the new copper line, outdoor pads, water drain pipes, evaporator coil, etc. You might, however, have to bear the charges for a new thermostat and circuit breaker. Depending on your house’s architecture, you may also need to modify the ductwork to fit in the new unit. You will also have to install a condensation line. Finally, you will also need to factor in the unit’s cost and the labor for installing it. The cost of labor can vary between $ 600 to over $ 1500, depending on the job’s complexity.

Costs of Ductwork Modification

Air conditioning installation is not as easy as many may think. The ductwork requirements tend to vary from one model to another, and in most cases, the installation will also involve ductwork modification. Contractors charge anything between $200 to $500 for these modifications essential for your unit to function efficiently.

Electrical Expenses

If your electrical line is in good condition, the odds are you will not incur any electrical expenses. However, in many older houses, electrical modifications are necessary to install a new air conditioning unit. In such cases, the costs can vary from $100 to $600.

AC Unit Pricing 

The cost of the AC unit is the most significant chunk of your expense. The cost of an air conditioning unit can vary from the low 1000s to the high 9000s. A 2-ton unit will cost you approximately $1500, while a 5-ton AC unit with bells and whistles can cost you well over $10,000.

If you know the involved, you can make a budget for replacing your old air conditioning unit. For an experienced service provider, 303 Heat is a name you can trust. Besides installation services, we also provide AC repair in Thornton, COCall us today at  (720) 465-6699 for an obligation-free quote for a new AC installation.