Know the Right Way to Maintain Your Furnace During Winter 

Know the Right Way to Maintain Your Furnace During Winter 

Your furnace is an essential component in your home during winter. A properly maintained furnace delivers maximum output without wasting much energy, whereas a poorly maintained one becomes costly to run while jeopardizing the indoor air quality.

303 Heat receives many calls every week from the Thornton homeowners asking about the right ways to maintain a furnace during winter. We are writing this article to make you are aware of how to take care of your furnace during winter and avoid emergency heating repair services.

Arrange for an Early Maintenance

Even the coldest nights become passable when you have a furnace that can work spontaneously without any fail. You can have an efficient furnace and prevent unnecessary breakdowns by conducting your furnace maintenance every year while the weather is still mild. Arranging your furnace maintenance prior gives you plenty of lead time to discover and repair several furnace problems.

Give Your Furnace Regular Quick Inspection

To maintain your furnace correctly, you always have to be vigilant about the system. While it is not necessary to perform some troubleshooting tasks now and then on your furnace, it is crucial to inspect frequently if the system needs one.

While inspecting your system, if you notice any glitches such as smell around the heating system, uneven heating, and noises coming out from your device, call 303 Heat right away.

Check the Thermostat 

While it is imperative to change the thermostat setting from “cool” to “heat” when the winter arrives, it is equally important to check the thermostat wirings.

You can shut the power off and begin quick furnace maintenance by slightly pulling the furnace wires and ensure they are correctly fitted. Any problem with your thermostat can be dealt with quickly once you call 303 Heat as soon as you notice the problem.

Clean the Flame Sensor 

If your furnace has a dirty flame sensor, your furnace can stop working altogether. Thus, it is necessary to clean this part at least once a year. To clean the sensor, you need to unscrew it from the furnace and wipe it with a clean cloth. You can reinstall the flame sensor once it is clean. If you face any difficulty in performing this maintenance step, call 303 Heat. Our specialized team of HVAC repair in Thornton, CO, will visit you quickly.

Clean the Drainage Tube 

Gas and oil furnaces produce a small amount of water while heating your home. However, some of this gets blown out through the exhaust and, the rest drains through the drainage tube. It is necessary to keep your drainage tube in a clean condition because if it is not, the water produced can leak through it and damage your walls and the system.

You can easily clean the drainage tube by detaching it and blowing compressed air through it. You can also pour a cup of white vinegar through the pipe and clean it thoroughly.

At 303 Heat, we offer annual maintenance plans to take care of your furnace and other devices throughout the year. If you want to schedule a furnace repair or a furnace replacement in Thornton, CO, we are just a call away. Call us at (720) 465-6699 and talk to our expert.