Reasons Why Your Central Air Conditioner Is Not Working Efficiently

Reasons Why Your Central Air Conditioner Is Not Working Efficiently

Thornton can get hot in the summers. The worst thing that could happen to you in the summer season is your air conditioner not cooling efficiently. You come back home and switch on your air conditioner, only to find it not cooling as well as it did earlier, or maybe it is sending out hot air instead of cool.

This problem is common yet serious. Ignoring this problem can cause irreversible damage to your central unit, and it can shut off completely. Contact a Thornton air conditioner repairing company as soon as you sense this problem.

Why Did Your Air Conditioner Lose its Cooling Efficiency?

An air conditioner has many components and parts, and if one of them malfunctions, it affects the unit’s cooling capacity. So, each malfunctioning part of the air conditioner can contribute to insufficient cooling.

Here are some of the reasons you can check to improve the cooling:

Circuit Breaker

Your air conditioner cannot work without electricity. If your unit is not switching on, maybe the power supply has stopped, or the circuit breaker flipped off.


Maybe your thermostat is still in winter mode. Check the settings of the thermostat and ensure that the temperature is according to the summer needs. 

Pull the thermostat from the base and check for its batteries, if there are any. Before putting the thermostat back, ensure that the wirings are not damaged and pinched as you put the thermostat back. Wait for five minutes and switch the air conditioner on to check its cooling.


The compressor circulates the refrigerant in the system. If the capacitor in the compressor is not working, the fan and the condenser will not work. So, your air conditioner will not work efficiently. If the compressor or capacitor is at fault, a skilled technician can repair or replace them.

Unwanted Blockages

Your air conditioner is switched on but not cooling the area. There are many culprits behind this problem. Your filters may be full of dirt and dust, and you need to clean or replace them according to your air conditioner. There may be leakages in the ductwork system, due to which the cool air escapes in the walls and does not reach the rooms. The blower fan may not be spinning in the right way, or the refrigerant levels may be lower than needed. Only a professional HVAC technician can find the correct cause and fix it.

Outdoor Fan

If the outdoor fans of the central cooling system are not working while the air conditioner is on, press the reset button and turn the fan in clockwise motion using a suitable object. You can do this as a temporary solution, but if the fans are still not working after pressing the reset button, you should call a technician for help.

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