Service, Repair & Replacement

Service, Repair & Replacement

Annual Tune-ups, Repair, and Replacement

Colorado Heating & Air Limited has been open for business since 2013. We’ve got 13 years of industry experience behind us, and we can service, repair, and replace any and all HVAC systems. But what’s the difference between those terms, and which one is right for your situation?

First, let’s talk about the service of an air conditioner in Thornton. This covers inspections, in which our technician will thoroughly check your system and give you an honest appraisal of its condition. If something doesn’t need to be fixed immediately, we’re not going to upsell you on unnecessary repairs. Instead, you’ll get our best estimate about what needs to be taken care of soon, and what can wait.

HVAC repairs can cover everything from a yearly tune-up to make sure your system is performing correctly to…well…repairing problems! The good news is, we’ve got the tools and experience to take care of virtually any situation during a single visit. Plus, we always offer a no-charge diagnostic, so you only pay for the time spent fixing the problem—not figuring out the solution.

But what if piping, a part, or a component needs to be replaced entirely? No problem. Since we work on any system out there, we’ll arrive with a wide variety of parts compatible with what you have installed. We’ll get to work, and the end result will be a system that works smoothly and efficiently, just like you expected.

Suppose you’re not sure what’s the best course of action? Bottom line: whatever the situation requires, we’ll figure it out and we’ll do it for a price that’s fair. If you have questions, concerns, or you’re ready to make an appointment, contact us today!