The Best Methods To Clean Your Heating System 

The Best Methods To Clean Your Heating System 

It is a known fact that heating systems are some of the most sturdy appliances present in one’s home. However, that being said, a heating system functions only as well as the states it is present in. Meaning that a homeowner will have to spend some time cleaning out the cobwebs and layers of dirt and grime that sticks to it and the ducts it is in connection with. A major aspect of HVAC repair in Thornton, COinvolves cleaning the furnace and its constituent components. 

Why Is Cleaning Part of Heating Repair?

When it comes to HVAC systems, chances are that dirt or debris has made its way to various parts of the system. This can be especially damaging to the interior of a unit as it can disrupt the proper functioning of the furnace or the AC. This will subsequently require an AC Company in Thornton, CO, as the condition gets worse. 

3 Important Regions That Require Cleaning 

As a homeowner, cleaning an entire HVAC unit may seem like a daunting task. This is especially true when it comes to cleaning the innermost regions of the unit. If this is the case, one can consider the following three regions are easy to clean and easy to reach: 

Drainage Tube

The drainage tube in particular is susceptible to becoming clogged as the condensate from the cooling unit tends to collect in this region. Meaning that algae are sure to thrive in this tube. The chances of this taking place are more common with homes that have gas furnaces. Therefore, one will have to ensure that this tube is unclogged at all times to ensure that the runoff has somewhere to escape. To do so, one can use a special unclogging solution or use a long tool to manually unclog it. 


A typical HVAC unit has several vents that are either directed to the exterior of the house or into a particular room. It is through these vents that air moves into or out of a space, either warming or cooling it. Therefore, in case it is obstructed by large branches or a blanket of dirt, it will prevent this flow of air. Therefore, one will have to wipe down every vent and ensure that there is no large debris lodged between the vents. 


The filters are known to become filthy very quickly in comparison to other components. This is because of its location in the unit and the constant air that passes through it. Therefore, a homeowner will have to periodically replace or clean the filter to ensure that it can still catch minute irritants in the air and improve the overall air quality of the home. 

Technicians offering HVAC repair in Thornton, COgive priority to keeping the heating system and its surroundings clean as should a homeowner. For this reason, if one is looking for an HVAC servicing company look no further than To book quality services that are sure to benefit a system, call (720) 465-6699.