What Should I Do If My Furnace Is Leaking Water?

What Should I Do If My Furnace Is Leaking Water?

Water damage is one of the most prevalent household problems, and if your furnace is leaking water, it is a sure sign that something is wrong. It would be best to call 303 Heat for a furnace repair expert in Westminster, CO for professional assistance.

Possible Reasons Behind the Furnace Leaking Water

You need a specialist to figure out why your furnace is leaking water, as they have the skills to solve most of your household problems. Here are some reasons why your furnace could be leaking water.

The Condensate Line is Clogged

If the condensate line is clogged, the condensation could leak. A condensation leak could be the source of a water leak around your high-efficiency furnace. Condensation occurs during the heat exchange process in high-efficiency furnaces, converting vapor to water.

Leaking Humidifier

Many households have humidifiers installed alongside their furnaces to moisten their homes during the dry winter. If your humidifier malfunctions and begins to leak, it may seem that your furnace has developed a leak. Contact 303 Heat for a furnace repair in Westminster, CO, if you suspect your humidifier is causing a leak and want a repair.

Filter Obstruction

A clogged or dirty furnace filter could also create a water leak from the furnace. While these filters are designed to keep us healthy by cleaning the air, debris can become lodged in them over time, resulting in limited airflow through the furnace coil. This can force the coil to freeze on multiple instances.

External Leaks

Our furnace service in Westminster, CO, advise not to rule out the chance that an exterior leak causes your furnace to leak. For example, a leaking water line above your furnace can resemble a genuine furnace leak. A roof leak can have the same effect if your system is in the attic.

Steps to Follow When the Furnace is Leaking Water

Here are some DIYs that one can easily perform before calling our expert for leakage issue

Turn Off Your Furnace

When you find a leak, our furnace service in Thornton, CO, advise you to switch off the furnace. Turn off the thermostat, the power switch dedicated to your furnace, any electrical breakers linked to the furnace, and finally, the shut-off valve found on the gas line. Mop up the surplus water after disconnecting your furnace system from electricity and gas.

Clear the Water

After shutting off the furnace, clear up any accumulated water around the base as thoroughly as possible. To clean, use napkins or towels, but consider using a wet-dry vacuum if the water is excessive.

Inspect the Air Filter

Examine the air filter to see whether it is clogged or unclean. It could have caused the leak, and buying and putting in a new one would probably fix the problem.

Contact an Expert

For prompt furnace repairs, contact a local HVAC expert. Don’t try to DIY your way around furnaces; it might be fatal. You can clean the filters yourself, but leave the rest to the professionals. Looking for a skilled furnace service expert in Thornton, CO? Contact 303 Heat bringing HVAC services in surrounding areas.

Wrapping Up

If you need furnace repair in Westminster or Thornton, call 303 Heat. You can reach us at (720) 465-6699 or mail us to learn more about our furnace services in Thornton, CO, and the areas we serve.