This year I had the awesome experience of my A.C. deciding it’s reached its age limit (it’s nearly 20 years old). About 3 weeks ago I realized that I could not go without fixing it, although I did try. I called around several companies and each had almost a week-long wait for an appointment or longer. I can understand that its the beginning of the summer, there are a lot of people in the same boat as me. So, I went with one, and the tech comes out to my place. The guy was very skittish of my very friendly, albeit scary-looking dog, and it was like pulling teeth trying to get answers to my questions. He tells me that I have several leaks, and that my freon is low, and that he really recommended just replacing the unit completely, and then quoted me 5k to replace the A.C. For some reason I just didn’t feel right and decided I wanted a second opinion.
Cue Colorado Heating & Air Limited! I put in a contact request on their webpage, and received a phone call in less than half an hour, telling me they could come out in the next day or two. So I scheduled an appointment for Noon-2pm, and got a text right away letting me know that Jared would be at my place between Noon and 2pm. At noon on the given day, I got a text message that Jared was on his way. Roughly 30 or so minutes later, Jared arrives. And I am so so grateful that I contacted them for a second opinion. He was great with my dog (which, really is the most important thing to me), she got to bring her Kong to him and he was very friendly!
Now to business, I don’t think Jared had been here 5 minutes when he found that the coils inside the house had turned into a giant block of ice, something the other tech didn’t mention even once. And also that I have no air filter (that one is absolutely my fault).
He explained everything very well without my having to ask him. And the pricing was all very straight forward. My house is cooler right now than it was all of last night. Definitely will be using Colorado Heating & Air Limited to replace this hunk of junk in a couple of months, and get to some good energy savings!
Highly recommend this company!